KlearNow enables Recycled Paper Tubes company to keep goods flowing in post-brexit using AI technology

Company Introduction

The UK Recycled Paper Tubes Company, based in Selby, UK, specializes in manufacturing cardboard tubes from 100% recycled paper. Their products cater to diverse industries, including food, pharmaceuticals, floorings, tapes, and transit packaging. The company plays a pivotal role in the circular economy by providing sustainable packaging solutions.


The Recycled Paper Tubes Company faced significant challenges due to the complexities introduced by Brexit. Importing approximately 50% of their raw materials from outside the UK, with a substantial portion originating from the EU, the company found itself grappling with the demanding paperwork and clearance procedures. The need for swift processing, especially with the looming July deadline requiring pre-lodgment before ferry transport, became a critical concern. Despite being Brexit-ready, the company struggled with the timely completion of customs declarations.

KlearNow.AI Solution

Seeking a solution to their customs clearance challenges, the company turned to KlearNow.AI. The platform’s system and automation capabilities proved instrumental in simplifying the documentation process.

Accelerated Declarations: Declarations, which previously experienced delays, are now completed within a few hours of submitting the necessary documentation.

Real-Time Visibility: The KlearNow.AI portal provides the company with constant visibility into the status of their imports and exports, allowing for enhanced operational control.

Automated Documentation: KlearNow.AI’s system automatically populates relevant customs documents on the portal, reducing manual efforts and ensuring accuracy in the documentation process.

Operational Control: The streamlined customs clearance process not only facilitates compliance but also puts the company in a position of operational control, mitigating the risk of delays and disruptions.

Efficient VAT Handling: Access to required customs documentation through the portal streamlines the handling of VAT within the company’s accounts, ensuring financial processes align seamlessly with customs procedures.

Preparedness for Future Changes: The use of KlearNow.AI positions the UK Recycled Paper Tubes Company for success in the evolving post-Brexit landscape, instilling confidence in their ability to meet upcoming regulatory requirements, such as full declarations before the arrival of goods in the UK.

“We’d spent months preparing for Brexit and felt ready, however, in the first weeks of January, our customs declarations were taking far longer than we had expected. We spoke to Michelle at KlearNow.AI, who explained how their system worked and showed us a demonstration of their solution. A month on, our declarations are complete within a few hours of sending the documentation. The website makes it really easy to track the status of our shipments and get the required customs documentations we need to handle the VAT within our accounts. I’ve been really impressed with KlearNow’s product and service, and they took the time to know the requirements of my business. We had already started preparations for July 2021 when full declarations need to be submitted before arrival to the UK, now we are using KlearNow’s solution I feel that this is achievable.” Harry C. – Director

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