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Unveil the Power of Automation Workflows for Freight Forwarders with KlearNow.AI

We harness the potential of an AI/ML-powered platform to convert your trade documents into meaningful data, enhancing the movement of goods through customs and ports.

Replace heavy paperwork headaches with clear and near real-time visibility. Upgrade to KlearNow.AI and revolutionize your freight forwarding efficiencies.

Unleash the power of our unique AI technology. It scans all your emailed documents to unlock data, giving you clear visibility of your shipment statuses and enabling advanced, personalized reporting. It’s a trailblazer that eliminates the need for complex integrations.

You could have your global control tower up and running in just days.

Automation of workflows for Freight Forwarders
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SOLVE YOUR CURRENT Freight Forwarder CHALLENGES with automation

Digital Transformation and Technology Adoption

The freight forwarding sector’s adoption of digital tech has lagged, yet the push for tech that streamlines operations and boosts efficiency is growing. The key challenge is choosing and integrating the right platforms with current systems.

Data Management and Security

Freight forwarders manage sensitive shipping and customer data, making data security and privacy essential. Implementing strong data management and cybersecurity is vital to prevent breaches and unauthorized access.

Supply Chain Visibility and Transparency

Customers now expect immediate shipment updates and supply chain transparency. Freight forwarders must offer precise, current shipping details, which can be enhanced by integrating with carriers and using tracking technologies.

Operational Efficiency and Cost Management

Balancing efficiency and costs is key for freight forwarders, who must optimize consolidation, secure economical transport, and negotiate good carrier rates amid rising fuel costs and market variability.

Sustainability and Environmental Impact

Environmental sustainability is becoming crucial in freight forwarding, with the challenge to lower emissions and advocate for green transport without disrupting the flow of goods.

Customer Expectations and Service Differentiation

Customers now expect personalized service, quick deliveries, and seamless logistics. Freight forwarders must meet these demands and stand out from competition while ensuring quality experiences.

Disruption and Resilience

Our industry faces disruptions from natural events, political shifts, and regulatory changes. It’s essential for us to build resilience, plan for contingencies, and mitigate risks to maintain operations and customer satisfaction, reflecting the universal truth that preparedness is the key to enduring success.

Regulatory Compliance

As a freight forwarder, I must meticulously adhere to international trade laws, customs protocols, and compliance mandates. Navigating the complexities of customs documents, trade restrictions, and sanctions is crucial to stay compliant and informed in the ever-evolving regulatory landscape.

KlearNow Customs360

Customs360 futurizes customs clearance for brokers and freight forwarders. It combines a customs broker network to provide premium customs clearance services, along with real-time visibility and automation for importers, exporters, and freight forwarders. Our combined team of in-house and partner network customs brokers brings a wealth of expertise to the table, ensuring your products are cleared efficiently and effectively.

KlearNow Customs Engine

KlearNow’s Customs Engine product digitizes paper-based transactions and enables customs brokers, freight forwarders with customs departments, and self-filers to deliver superior real-time visibility and transparency. Freight forwarders who want automation now have a low-lift integration option to achieve it, globally.


  • Earn 30-50% more on new shipments as data entry is removed
  • Real-time tracking alerts you to potential errors
  • Gain efficiencies, time savings & real-time tracking alerts
  • Our engine, your customer’s data and your broker


  • Provide unparalleled visibility to your teams, customers, and partners in one simple dashboard
  • Intelligent document management lets you access critical documents by shipment. No more filling cabinets or searching emails to find what you need
  • Real-time communication with your customers anytime, anywhere


  • Our AI/ML-powered engine identifies mistakes and extracts the right data from critical key documents
  • Proactive data sharing provides visibility for parties to act when changes occur to make necessary revisions and file customs
  • Compliance-driven entries aided by our AI and validated by humans

Budgeting Made Easy

  • A transaction-based model with no hidden pricing and zero IT integration costs
  • Clear customs without typing in data
  • Increase team efficiency with the help of our platform. Our teams do over 800 entries per person per month

Embrace the new age of Freight Forwarder Automation with AI

Freight Forwarders, carve your niche in a competitive world even amidst ongoing global disruptions. Battle the rising tide of increased shipping costs, opaque fees, costly workforce, and unfavorable exchange rates that threaten your margins.

To navigate and excel in this challenging economy, it’s crucial to find dependable methods that curtail costs, boost container tracking, and optimize pickup and delivery coordination. KlearNow.AI is your ally in this digital transformation and automation endeavor.

10x in productivity gain

10x increase in
process efficiency

8x in customer satisfaction

8x increase in
time won back for the team

Tudefrigo trucks in the back of a warehouse


Tudefrigo is a large road transporting Spanish company, with a fleet of over 400 refrigerated trucks, over 30 years’ experience specializing in full loads and moving perishable goods primarily in and out of Spain.


Airplane and freight truck


This customer is a large manufacturer and importer of electronic devices into the United States specializing in entertainment systems for commercial aircrafts. 



They are a large importer of steel and carbon into the United States, with most steel imports coming from China and India and carbon fittings imported from various parts of Europe.


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