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Know the Where, When and WHAT to do to keep your customers’ goods moving.

Clear customs swiftly and increase on-time delivery with digital documents & compliant data on hand.
Take control of the customs and transportation processes with information that your customers or your team can act on in real time to avoid problems.


Customs Certified

Single Data Source

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Digital Compliant Data Sharing

end-to-end Visibility

50-80% Savings on

time & money


Which of the following IMPORT challenges are you trying to solve?

Manual and Paper-Intensive Processes

When customs brokers rely on traditional methods, they engage in manual data entry, paperwork, and physical document handling. This leads to inefficiencies, delays, errors, and an increased chance of losing or misplacing documentation.

Limited Data Visibility and Transparency

Customs brokers who resist technology find it challenging to offer real-time visibility and transparency in the customs clearance process. As a result, importers encounter difficulties in tracking their shipments, receiving timely updates, and accessing necessary documentation.

Inefficient Communication Channels

Customs brokers often depend on outdated communication channels like phone calls, faxes, or physical visits when interacting with importers, carriers, and government agencies. This can lead to delays, miscommunications, and challenges in acquiring timely information.

Limited Access to Trade Tools and Resources

By not embracing new technologies, customs brokers can miss out on accessing a variety of trade tools, resources, and databases that assist with compliance, classification, and tariff determination. This lack of access hinders their ability to deliver accurate and efficient services to importers.

Inability to Leverage Data Analytics

Customs brokers who rely on technology can utilize data analytics to gain insights, identify patterns, and optimize processes. However, traditional brokers without these capabilities may miss opportunities for improving performance, reducing costs, and making data-driven strategic decisions.

Lack of Scalability and Flexibility

Traditional customs brokers that rely on manual processes and outdated systems may find it challenging to scale their operations or adapt to changing business needs. As import volumes increase or customer requirements evolve, these brokers may face difficulties in accommodating growth and adjusting their services accordingly.

Lack of Automation

When customs brokers fail to adopt new technologies, they miss out on automation capabilities for routine tasks like data entry, document processing, and compliance checks. This results in slower processing times, higher costs, and reduced overall efficiency.

Reduced Competitiveness

Traditional customs brokers jeopardize their competitiveness by neglecting to adopt new technologies. As importers demand streamlined processes, real-time visibility, and seamless digital interactions, brokers failing to meet these expectations may face challenges in attracting and retaining clients in a rapidly changing business environment.

Compliance Risks and Errors

When technology integration is lacking, customs brokers may face an increased risk of compliance errors and oversights. Without automated systems and real-time data validation, staying up to date with regulations, ensuring accurate classification and valuation, and identifying compliance issues become challenging.

Missed Opportunities for Innovation and Value-Added Services

New technologies offer opportunities for innovation and the development of value-added services. By not embracing these advancements, traditional customs brokers may miss out on providing additional services such as supply chain optimization, data analytics-driven insights, or customized reporting that could enhance the overall customer experience and differentiate their offerings.

Our smart LaaS products. KlearNow’s Customs360 product on its AI/ML-powered platform ease supply chain bottlenecks by digitizing paper-based transactions and enabling KlearNow.AI Partner customs brokers and transporters to deliver superior real-time visibility needs of importers, exporters, and freight forwarders.  

KlearNow’s Customs Engine product on its AI/ML-powered platform ease supply chain bottlenecks by digitizing paper-based transactions and enabling customs brokers or self-filers and transporters to deliver superior real-time visibility needs of importers, exporters, and freight forwarders.

  • Save 30-50% on customs clearance with one flat fee per transaction 
  • Grow your business with our platform & our customers brought to you 
  • Real-time tracking alerts to avoid demurrage and late charges. If you can see them, you can avoid them 
  • Our engine, your customer’s data and your broker 
  • Consolidate all shipments and freight forwarders into one simple dashboard
  • Intelligent document management lets you access critical documents by shipment. No more file cabinets or searching emails to find what you need 
  • Real-time communication with your customers anytime & from anywhere
  • AI-driven platform eliminates mistakes by identifying and extracting the right data from critical key documents 
  • Proactive data sharing means everyone is aware when anything changes 
  • Compliance driven entries aided by our AI&ML ingestion patented engine 
  • Transaction based model with no hidden pricing and zero IT integration 
  • Customs Clear fast without typing
  • Increase team throughput with the help of our platform  


As a customs broker, you are facing significant challenges in the current global climate. Covid disruptions continue, with higher employee costs, overall increase in costs, more competitive & digital market, fees lacking transparency, longer lead times and unfavorable exchange rates eating into your margins.

Therefore, to survive and thrive in this economy, you need reliable ways to lower your costs, while improving your service and ability to manage customs clearances.

KlearNow is here to help.

10x time gained back

10x increase in customer satisfaction

8x returns

Achieved 8x increase in efficiency gains 


How do I get onboarded? 

Refer to contact us portion of the website or request free demo for the team to get in touch on how to proceed to get signed up and started. Once price is agreed, you will receive an onboarding form with necessary checklist to complete and terms to sign via DocuSign alongside an onboarding call with our Customer Success Team to ensure a smooth onboarding takes place. Once all is completed you can consider yourself onboarded and ready to file your first customer shipment using your unique KX email ID or other sending details if using EDI or API. 

How does KlearNow.AI positively impact my business? 

Historically we see that a customs entry job took 2 hours now a customs broker can clear it in less than 12 mins. Using our platform, we provide speed and accuracy to your business using AI driven technology and bring business to you. 

Whose filer code is used for the entry? 

Your filer code and permit are used to file the entry via KlearNow’s web-based platform. 

Does KlearNow.AI utilize a third-party software to communicate with customs? 

No, KlearNow.AI has worked with CBP to become a certified ABI software vendor. 

What is required to become a customs broker on your platform? 

  • Licensed US customs broker with active national permit. 
  • Complete KlearNow’s Customs Broker Questionnaire to confirm mutual fit. 
  • There is a vetting process to be approved. 
  • Execute broker agreement and onboarding documents. 

What is the cost of the platform? 

KlearNow does not charge to use the platform. 

Am I required to pay duties and taxes on behalf of importers? 

It’s your choice; this is optional, and broker can choose to opt in or opt out. Number and size of customers may vary depending on your selection also will depend on if you choose our Customs 360 or CaaS model as well as which geography serviced. 

Can I bring my current customer onto the platform? 

It’s not a requirement but brokers recognize advantages both large and small to converting existing business. 

If I were to bring my customers onboard what’s the process? 

Customers will need to complete a straightforward onboarding process that can be completed same day. 

How do I get paid, how much and when? 

  • You get paid weekly based on jobs completed the prior week via ACH into your designated account. 
  • The amount per job is a flat fee agreed upon at the time of agreement. 

How do I get assigned a job? 

  • KlearNow will coordinate with you to execute POA’s and connect you with customers. 
  • Shipments will be assigned to you and ready for processing when you login to the platform. 

How does my customer send documents & how does the shipment get started? 

  • Simply have them email the documents to the platform, our AI ingests the documents for you, and you can take it from there. 
  • The customer entry generating email should include the shipping and commercial documents including the commercial invoice, packing list, bill of lading or airway bill or CMR. 

Can your system receive data in any format? 

Yes, any document that you can send via an email, technology interfaces (EDI or API connectivity available on request) and uploading documents directly to the KlearNow.AI platform. 

What are your reporting capabilities? 

  • Our platform provides all the necessary data you require and APIs to integrate data with your legacy systems 
  • Standard best practice reports available a premium visibility and reporting available for a premium charge 

How are you getting the ocean/ airplane tracking data? 

Airplanes and vessels are required to always display their locations, we leverage and aggregate commercially available GPS data, we also purchase via partners extra level visibility data and are currently powered by project44. 

Can you export data and or reports? 

You can, however we encourage you to use the platform and be paperless. 

Can you offer clearances in other countries if I only have an entity in US?

We can but you would have to have an entity formed in the countries where you would like to use our CaaS solution for it to work or use our hybrid model where you clear via CaaS in one Geography but use our Customs 360 product in a separate location. Should you have an entity in Spain, Netherlands, United Kingdom and Canada we can service you on both ends no problem. 

What’s the price range? 

  • Subscription based model price includes: ISF/Entry Summary/ Document Management and basic visibility of all your shipments on the platform as applicable. 
  • We provide premium visibility and reporting capabilities for extra fee. 
  • We don’t charge extra HTS line-item fees or any additional PGA fees. 
  • Volume based discounting available. 
  • On average we see a 30% to 50% in cost savings for our customers.  
  • Our platforms detailed visibility enables you to eliminate demurrage and per diem fees. 

Pricing varies depending on product, location, and volume. Contact us for more details. 

What checks and balances do you have in place to ensure the information uploaded from the documents via AI is accurate? 

Our broker partners are required to verify the digital data converted by our AI providing an additional layer of verification. 

Do you offer final mile visibility? 

Yes, through our Drayage marketplace we offer a service that once accepted features a live Trucker app that can be used by any drayage company to provide final mile tracking and visibility. 

What is the best way to reach Customer Support? 

Please send your email directly to our support team at support@klearnow.com. Upon receipt of your email, you will receive a ticket number for tracking purposes. Our team will respond directly to your inquiry with urgency. 

How do I access my shipments and/or review documents within your platform? 

Start by visiting our website: www.klearnow.com, proceed to click on the Client Log In >broker option from the top right corner  

Note: It is highly recommended to use Google Chrome web browser for optimal experience. 

On the following screen, enter your email and password. Click ‘Log In’ to sign in.  

If you are having trouble logging in, please click on the ‘Forgot Password?’ link. You will receive an email with the link to reset your password. 

Tip: Please remember to check your email spam folder. 

Note: KlearNow.AI administrator will create your login credentials. 

Once you have successfully logged in, you will be able to view your Broker Dashboard  

The Dashboard contains shipments queued by mode, urgency to be filed with documents attached for review. You can search and filter options for Mode of Transport (MOT), Import and Export, the shipment. 

At the same time, you can extend the visibility to your customers and all the relevant documents, either sent by the forwarders/suppliers/manufacturers or generated by KlearNow.AI will be attached on the cards panel on the left, with the map view of each shipment on the right. This customer visibility can also be white labeled.

Do you offer training and/or training guide for using your platform? 

Yes, we offer onboarding methods either through our portal, videos and with our Customer Success Team that will also share a starter guide with tips on best usage of the platform. 

How long are documents stored on your platform? 

This depends on the requirements of the country of import or export, and we follow compliance needs unless something else is pre-discussed. Varies between 5-7 years depending on GEO requirements 

How are you different than any other software out there? 

KlearNow is a data-driven artificial intelligence, machine learning, data reuse, and intelligent process management company replacing the data entry, linear customs brokerage, drayage, and visibility model. We allow your business to stay up to date with latest technology, staying competitive and allowing you to scale without having to employ more people avoiding manual data entry and eliminating customer service level enquires replacing this with platform real-time visibility. We are a smart LaaS platform that can service all stakeholders by using data as our base to better service customers compliantly and effectively. 

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