About KlearNow

KlearNow is making simplified supply chains a reality since 2018 and our mission is to shape the future of global trade and logistics by connecting people, processes and digital data, something we are already doing. We are making global logistics simple, collaborative, and cost-effective.


Our Objectives

Building a world of paperless trade on a single global platform. Borders don’t have to be barriers. Let us tell you how. 

Digitizing customs clearance 

For years and years customs clearances have been performed the good old fashion way, completely manually and using human intervention. No more. With the help of our patented Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning driven ingestion platform, human error is removed. 

Smart LaaS platform  

Creating a new concept in the market for a revolutionary service never provided this way. We allow companies to automate essential logistics processes and directly connect with customs authorities with KlearNow’s AI & ML-powered cloud-based software platform. 

Perfected Drayage Delivery

Simplicity in action. KlearNow’s drayage platform creates unified drayage operations. We complete final mile tracking, with real-time updates to your shipments. Our dynamic user dashboard enables proactive operational capabilities to reduce down-time and streamline container tracking. Our integrated AI & ML process aggregates data in one place. Finally, easy Dray & Container allocation’s available with KlearNow’s procurement and marketplace tools. 

Digital Data sharing across network  

It’s all about data, data is king. Our aim is to speed up trade and simplify workflows with connected information. This will allow global traders to make informed decisions in real-time. 

Spurring Customs innovation

We are committed to rapidly growing an ecosystem of customs authorities, agents and transport providers that are connecting digitally to expedite global trade. Now traders can gain instant awareness of customs clearance status, events, and manage exceptions. 

Digital Trade Is always on our Mind

We live and breathe trade technology and simplifying it, is our top priority. We think in AI, HS Codes and ETAs. We are committed to staying up-to-date on the ever-changing world of global trade. We are a team of 350+ experienced technology engineers, global compliance and logistics professionals dedicated to your business needs.

Our vision

To transform global commerce with an AI-driven, shared-economy
platform that makes logistics simple, cost-effective
and provides end-to-end visibility.

Our Culture

We are customer centric without them there is no KlearNow

Our Team strives for excellence reflected in the quality and innovation of our product

We are committed to diversity, equality and inclusion believing it makes us stronger, smarter and better

Connecting the ecosystem

KlearNow was born out of thinking about things differently. From not accepting the status quo, to believing there had to be a better way to service brokers, importers and carriers. From believing that advances in technology could and should be applied to a category long dormant of innovation.

From a conviction that the difference was going to be the people behind the company, who would represent a diverse and rich experience in solving the problems the industry faced through technology with the passion to make a change.

Our Story

The global supply chain logistics market is highly fragmented with documentation processes that are complex, labor-intensive, error-prone, and time-consuming. We saw an opportunity to simplify and automate processes.

We created a Smart Logistics as a Service (LaaS) platform that connects data, people, processes, and organizations to enable new levels of visibility and productivity that reduce logistics costs and create better customer experiences.

Our AI-powered platform eases supply chain bottlenecks by digitizing paper-based transactions and enabling customs brokers and transporters to deliver superior real-time visibility needs of importers, exporters, and freight forwarders.


Founded in 2018, KlearNow.AI provides a customs clearance & cross-border logistics platform that combines proprietary software and tech-enabled services to address key pain points in the importing and exporting of goods. KlearNow.AI drives a clear improvement for importers through better data accuracy, faster clearance times, lower prices, and reductions in penalty fees. 

We can only do this by hiring the best, as well as embracing and re-enforcing our culture as we grow. We care about our teams and our people. Our growth and success depend on the success of our teams. 

Today, supply chains are troubled as the world is in disarray. Backlogs, delays and other stressful impacts of the pandemic and macroeconomics are here. Therefore, now is the perfect time to find better and smarter ways to engage in trade and it’s the time for new ideas. KlearNow


No more countless emails, spreadsheets, and manual logistics processes.  

See it. Clear it. Move it.  

The future is clear, the future is KLEARNOW! 







Meet our Leadership Team

With a leadership and advisory team steeped in technology, AI and global logistics expertise, we felt there had to be a better way to simplify the dated supply chain logistics systems and workflows. Turns out there is.

Sam Tyagi

CEO & Founder

View Bio

Rick Tellez


View Bio

Ulf Sandberg


View Bio

Pat Cooney


Preethi Pragash

VP of Finance

Indu Tyagi

VP of Talent Acquisition

Angela Aaron

Sr. Director of Compliance

Fouad Abu-Kazam

Sr. Director, Sales

Ashutosh Gupta

Sr Director, Engineering

Jason Measures

Sr Director, Product Management

Michelle Riber

Sr. Director, International Expansion

Alok Sinha

Sr Director, Engineering

David Argel

Director, Global Partnerships

Bobby Chugani

Director of Customer Success

Colin Connors

Director of Sales

Nick Fontenot

Director of Sales

Garima Jain

Head of AI/ML

Shikha Mehta

Director of India Operations

Eve Shih

Sr. People Business Partner

Harun Wardak

Sales Director, Europe

Chris Woods

Director of Global Research

Diego Zamora

Head of Program Management

Sam Tyagi

Chairman of the Board

CEO & Founder

Nishita Cummings

Board Member

Managing Partner, Co-Head of Growth at Kayne Anderson

Ashok Krishnamurthi

Board Member

Managing Partner, Great Point Ventures Board Member, Namogoo, InsightRX, K2 Security, Truvian Sciences and Even Financial

Mark Randall

Board Member

Former Sr. Executive at Amazon, Snap and Katerra

Atiq Raza

Board Member

CEO, Virsec Ex-President, COO, AMD

Ulf Sandberg

Board Member


Sandeep Vij

Board Member

Managing Partner, Argean Capital Ex-CEO, MIPS Technologies; Board member, Coherent

Technology Advisors

Amit Prakash, AI/ML

Co-founder and CTO

Srivats Sampath, Security

Former CEO

Amit Singhal, Architecture

Former Head of Search

Operational Advisors

Brad Buss,

Former Board Member

Ivan Ernest,

Global HR, Eng

William M. Kelly,

Former managing partner

Steve Labella,

Former CMO

Awards & Associations

KlearNow is honoured to be named top 10 best startup in Santa Clara  by The Tech Tribune and SDCexec.

the Frost and Sullivan 2020 AI-based Customs Clearance New Product Innovation Award!

As well as proud to be as the top 41 supply chain start-ups of 2022 that are most likely to reshape supply chain logistics according to venture capitalists in this BusinessInsider story. 

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