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Streamlining the Customs Clearance Process

How KlearNow.AI’s digital customs clearance platform enhanced efficiency and reduced costly errors for a large electronics manufacturer for aircrafts.

 Company Introduction/Challenge

This customer is a large manufacturer and importer of electronic devices into the United States specializing in entertainment systems for commercial aircrafts. 

Prior to KlearNow.AI, this customer faced several challenges; over payment in duties and billing, managing multiple brokers, issues with customs clearance and classification; resulting in costly errors. 

Importing high volumes of goods can lead to errors and inefficiencies if dated manual processes are being used. Searching forshipping documents and 

following up on shipment statuses by shifting through emails and phone calls is inefficient and takes time away from growing the business.

KlearNow.AI Solutions – The Customs360 platform is our full-service model. Fueled by our AI/ML-powered engine, we digitize paper-based transactions enabling KlearNow.AI US partner customs brokers & transporters to deliver visibility. We help customers manage their brokers, mitigate risk and scale their business with our 360 view. 

Work with knowledgeable broker partners. This customer’s previous broker was clearing goods under the wrong HTS codes, resulting in processing delays and higher duties. With our trusted compliance experts, KlearNow.AI helped this client identify the correct HTS codes for their goods. 

Mitigate Risk. With high volumes of shipments every year, this customer was looking for a solution to organize the chaos. They did not have a solution in place to view all their incoming shipments and a big concern for them was staying compliant and managing risk. 

Comprehensive Reporting and Analytics. With the Klearview dashboard, this company was able to pull custom reports without having to spend ours pulling data from spreadsheets and emails. With our patented AI/ML technology, this customer was able to make data driven decisions with clean, accurate data. 

Plan Ahead. On our platform, this customer was able to plan shipments and manage exceptions. We provide transparency with advanced customs and freight status visibility. 

With KlearNow.AI you can

Eliminate data entry function
Eliminate manual entry errors
Reduce compliance risk with accurate data
Gain operation efficiencies with automation
Gain on-demand access to customs documents

Digitize, manage, and retain documents in one place for easy search and audit trails.
Storage of documents on the platform for local mandatory periods

Access customs & shipment data in real-time
Continuous learning AI engine
Digital data anytime anywhere
Efficient forecasting by staying in the know

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