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Navigating the Digital Shift in Customs Clearance

How moving to a digitized customs process through AI and ML helped exporters, importers and transporters, Tudefrigo and GDAR improve visibility, transparency, and become infinitely scalable. 

Company Introduction / Challenge

Tudefrigo is a large road transporting Spanish company, with a fleet of over 400 refrigerated trucks, over 30 years’ experience specializing in full loads and moving perishable goods primarily in and out of Spain. They also have 2 ADT warehouses and various physical locations such as Lasarte-Guipuzcoa; Tudela-Narvarra; El Ejido-Almería; Algeciras-Cádiz; Tánger. 

Morocco – Spain – UK being a big trade lane for them, followed by moving goods into Netherlands, Germany and France as well as other countries. 90% of all their business is in the fruits and vegetable sector and starting to diversify into other markets.

Two years ago, they opened the Customs Department running under GDAR. Prior to KlearNow, the team was using various brokers and customs software providers in Spain, UK and Netherlands.

Within the Spanish broker team, they split the teams into various groups to try to retain efficiencies to avoid duplication of data entry, communication was handled via emails mainly and thus splitting the team up was critical. There was no visibility to the customers other than email or phone communication offered. And from a team perspective ensuring a proper SOP was followed rigidly was much tougher.

Importing and exporting high volumes of goods for their large customers and scaling that can cause errors and inefficiencies through dated processes. Searching for shipping documents and following up on shipment statuses by sifting through emails, and phone calls is inefficient and takes time away from growing the business. Therefore, it was time for them to look for alternatives to stand out in the market. 

“The company was looking for ways to stand out and KlearNow.AI stood out from the alternatives we looked at other customs software providers. Sure other brokers or system may be more mature or deliver a good service, but nothing like what the AI driven platform KlearNow is offering”. 

Lack of transparency and visibility throughout the shipment process and being clogged with emails through all the key players in the supply chain was a big problem our customers were looking to solve as they ship 24/7 and 7 days a week very time sensitive goods. Speed, good service and visibility are key factors in this.

KlearNow.AI Solution Customs360 and Customs Engine 

Unlock efficiencies across your business. Visibility is more than knowing where your cargo is. It’s about having the means to address the exceptions. We help you deliver real results! Tudefrigo is using Customs Engine to process shipments internally in Spain and use our Customs360 brokerage platform to deliver visibility and brokerage services into UK and the Netherlands. 

“No doubt about it AI is the future. There are a lot of people who are afraid on the customs side.There are a lot of agents afraid their jobs will disappear. I think it’s the other way around. You don’t have to be afraid of the tool, but you have to embrace and incorporate it to see all the improvements it can give us. So, I think that if we talk about less time, fewer errors, more visibility, well, what more could we ask for.” 

Broker Management – Paired with full brokerage service enabled by KlearNow.AI facilitated through their own broker, Tudefrigo was able to consolidate the number of brokers they used, improving transparency and communication across the departments in 

various geographies, where they have lost work due to lack of support from a trusted partner. 

“For me, the fundamental part is simplification. And KlearNow.AI offers simplification for my customers and my team across the board alongside very valuable addons that you can’t but a price on.” 

Real-time communication – Through our platform, this company was able to identify issues and errors with their shipments to take proactive measures to keep their goods moving, avoiding delays and extra costs. 

“[KlearNow.AI team] are very responsive and that’s super important when it comes to a Broker and software relationship. We have a great partnership, with a lot of trust. As we need things added to make our lives easier, Vidal and the team support us in making this come to life. KlearNow.AI covers a lot of our urgent needs”.

Mitigate Risks – With our hybrid model of AI and human verification of document ingestion, the Tudefrigo team is able to accurately classify and take corrective action for their imports as well as exports, which in turn helped alleviate stress into their daily functions. 

Comprehensive Reporting and Analytics – With the Klearview dashboard, Tudefrigo and GDAR are able to pull custom reports without having to spend ours pulling data from spreadsheets and emails. 

“The portal has been really helpful. All of the documents are at my fingertips. It’s super intuitive. I can usually figure it out just by a couple of clicks.” 

Scale the Business – KlearNow.AI acts as an extension of the team, without having to add headcount, we take care of the duties and payments for customs. 

“[Klearnow.AI] is helping us grow our business significantly without having to add staff, spend money on IT, giving us back time and eliminating duplication of work all while providing our customers with the visibility and efficiencies into the process they have been asking for. It’s changed the way we work and they think the tool is easy to use and so do my customers. It’s the future, it’s a winning concept, it really is wow!” 

With KlearNow.AI you can

Eliminate data entry function
Eliminate manual entry errors
Reduce compliance risk with accurate data
Gain operation efficiencies with automation
Gain on-demand access to customs documents

Limit IT and workforce costs
Triple your business with current team
Efficient forecasting by staying in the know

Access customs & shipment data in real-time
Continuous learning AI engine
Digital data anytime anywhere
Efficient forecasting by staying in the know

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