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A Big Win: UFlex Industries’ Global Control Tower Journey with KlearHub

Discover how UFlex Industries seamlessly integrated KlearHub, propelling their supply chain into a new era of efficiency, transparency, and unprecedented control. 

Company Introduction

Global packaging and polymer company, UFlex Limited is a multibillion-dollar enterprise, with nine state-of-the-art manufacturing locations worldwide. At the forefront of embracing digitalization and technological advancements in manufacturing, UFlex takes immense pride in being a pioneering partner of KlearNow.AI. 


UFlex faced significant challenges in the logistics and supply chain industry, particularly in customs clearance. The existing system relied on complex, manual processes gathering documents across multiple countries, coordinating with thousands of customers, across multiple departments resulting in wasted time and resources, lack of visibility, clarity, and insight.  

“The complexities in customs clearance and supply chain logistics were hindering our growth. The manual processes were outdated, leading to inefficiencies and errors that impacted our operations. We needed a solution that could bring clarity and efficiency to these critical aspects of our business.”

KlearNow.AI Solution 

In 2019, UFlex found an ideal partner in KlearNow.AI, which provided a unified solution to revolutionize their logistics and supply chain. KlearNow.AI’s platform streamlined customs clearance, supply chain logistics, and documentation processes. The introduction of AI/ML technology transformed the antiquated system into a searchable, actionable, and error-free information hub. 

“KlearNow’s solution was a breath of fresh air for our organization. It brought modern technology into an industry still reliant on pen and paper. The ability to have information stored, searchable, and actionable in one place was a game-changer for us.”

KlearHub, emerged as a transformative solution for UFlex. It provided a global customs control tower, offering complete visibility, a simplified dashboard, and better system management. KlearHub allowed UFlex to have one hub for global track and trace requirements, a central document repository, and intelligent global supply chain business analytics. The integration of AI/ML technology simplified information management, making it a unique and smart solution. 

Reduction in Human Error: KlearHub significantly reduced human error, optimizing operational logistics cost by approximately 75%. 

Efficient Logistics Supply Chain: The streamlined processes led to a more efficient, cost-effective, and transparent supply chain, providing clarity to both internal and external stakeholders. 

Documentation Management: KlearNow’s solution resolved challenges related to documentation, offering a smart, searchable, and error-free repository. This eliminated constant follow-ups and errors in the chain of command. 

Global Track and Trace: The implementation of KlearHub provided UFlex with a centralized hub for track and trace, document repository, and business analytics requirements. This resulted in a 90% reduction in demurrage and per diem charges. 

Enhanced Productivity and Customer Service: KlearHub empowered UFlex’s CSR teams, allowing them to focus on daily tasks, customer service, and collaboration with internal partners rather than logistics-related issues. 

Integration Simplicity: The AI/ML platform seamlessly integrated with UFlex’s existing systems, providing a unified and searchable data repository by simply copying in KlearNow.AI to their email chain.  

KlearHub transformed our global track and trace requirements. It simplified our processes, reduced demurrage charges significantly, and allowed our CSR teams to focus on what matters most – providing exceptional service to our customers.” 

With KlearNow.AI you can

Eliminate data entry function
Eliminate manual entry errors
Reduce compliance risk with accurate data
Gain operation efficiencies with automation
Gain on-demand access to customs documents

Limit IT and workforce costs
Triple your business with current team
Efficient forecasting by staying in the know

Access customs & shipment data in real-time
Continuous learning AI engine
Digital data anytime anywhere
Efficient forecasting by staying in the know

Ready to futurize your logistics? Contact today and embark on a journey towards streamlined efficiency with KlearHub – your supply chain co-pilot. 

“KlearHub has been a game-changer for our operations. It eliminated frictions in our supply chain, reduced delays, and provided unparalleled customer service. I highly recommend KlearNow AI’s innovative solutions, especially KlearHub, for any global manufacturing company seeking transformative improvements.” -Anantshree Chaturvedi, UFLex Vice Chairman

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