Carola Case Study

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AI Efficiency Beyond Customs Borders

How Carola trading overcame UK customs hurdles with KlearNow. AI’s Customs 360 solution. Bridging compliance with speed and accuracy for peace of mind.

Company Introduction

Carola Trading, is a family run business based out of the New Covent Garden Market in London, England. They are a leading fruit and vegetable importer and wholesaler. Importing fresh produce directly from Italian Farmers and the main Italian wholesale markets, they specialize in building mixed pallets to deliver straight to other customers facilities and are also specialized in groupage, logistics and customs services on behalf of third parties. Their 20 years of experience give you the freshest fruits and vegetables at the best price.

The Challenge

Navigating Brexit and UK Customs Borders post exiting the EU Going back to December 2020 right before Brexit, Pietro di Paoli owner of Carola Trading wanted an immediate Brexit proof solution for his shipments crossing the border on January 1st, 2021. He decided to give the KlearNow solution a go knowing it was to go live on that same day.

Carola Trading signed over the business to KlearNow from December and never looked back. Three years and weekly groupage clearances later, they remain our first and one of our best customers to date in the UK. We have since worked on integrating an Ipaff filling solution, a required food certification for the UK, and are now jointly working together to expand sourcing from Spain.

“Since we started, the business has grown tremendously which we are very pleased about. We have had a very good experience with KlearNow. AI, and are very happy with the service especially during any emergencies. KlearNow always finds a way to resolve challenges no matter when, even late at night, so for that a big thank you team! We are grateful to have you by our side” says Pietro di Paoli owner of Carola Trading.

“The platform is super intuitive, useful, and allows us to easily find documents and paperwork. This makes our day to day much easier”.

“The industry has changed after Brexit, but with KlearNow’s solutions, we and our customers have peace of mind. Using the platform we are able to manage the entire process, and complete all the paperwork, saving both us and our customers time and money. We selected the best customs brokers and tools with KlearNow.AI providing the fastest clearance with digital docs & compliant data on hand”.

“I would 100% recommend to use KlearNow. AI and have already passed on the reference to other contacts that are using you as well”.

With KlearNow.AI you can:


  • Eliminate data entry function
  • Eliminate manual entry errors
  • Reduce compliance risk with accurate data
  • Gain operational efficiences with automation
  • Gain on-demand access to customs documents


  • Assure accuracy of documents, duties, and taxes
  • Avoid noncompliance penalties with out AI and experts review
  • Control demurrage and last free day with built in clocks


  • Access customs & shipment data in real-time
  • Continuous learning AI engine
  • Digital data anytime anywhere
  • Efficient forecasting by staying in the know

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