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Sales surge despite brexit worries. Mainstream UK gourmet popcorn producer is having its best year yet with the help of Klearnow

Company Introduction

The Popcorn Company, a multi-award-winning gourmet popcorn brand, was launched by cousins Laura and Sam. With a range of delicious handcrafted popcorn flavors, they have quickly become a success story, supplying top retailers such as Harrods, Ocado, John Lewis, and exporting to over 20 countries. Despite facing challenges from the COVID-19 pandemic, their online sales have grown by an impressive 500% month on month in the last 12 months.


The COVID-19 pandemic disrupted their traditional B2B and wholesale channels, forcing the company to pivot to online sales. Additionally, the no-deal Brexit introduced new challenges, including ingredient and packaging supply delays, logistical disruptions at ports, and the need for extensive training to comply with new documentation requirements. The company also had to focus on increasing production, streamlining product lines, and adapting to reduced staff and social distancing measures, incurring significant investment costs.

KlearNow.AI Solution

KlearNow.AI emerged as a crucial partner, providing guidance and support to navigate the complexities of new customs paperwork and requirements imposed by Brexit. The platform’s expertise and patience played a pivotal role in helping The Popcorn Company continue its exports to the EU. KlearNow.AI’s assistance proved invaluable during a period of uncertainty and transition.

Efficient Customs Processing – KlearNow.AI streamlined customs paperwork and documentation requirements, enabling The Popcorn Company to navigate the post-Brexit landscape with efficiency. The platform’s automation capabilities reduced manual errors, ensuring accurate and timely completion of customs documentation.

Mitigated Logistical Disruptions – The introduction of new checks at ports posed a threat to the company’s supply chain. KlearNow.AI’s expertise helped mitigate logistical disruptions, ensuring a smoother flow of goods between the UK and EU. By providing real-time visibility into customs processes, the platform allowed for proactive decision-making, minimizing delays and bottlenecks.

Continued EU Market Access – Despite the challenges posed by Brexit, KlearNow.AI played a crucial role in facilitating The Popcorn Company’s continued exports to the EU market. By staying abreast of changing regulations and requirements, KlearNow.AI ensured that the company’s products could reach customers in over 20 countries, maintaining market share and international growth.

Strategic Business Adaptations – The support from KlearNow.AI empowered The Popcorn Company to focus on strategic business adaptations. This diversification helped offset losses in traditional B2B channels and contributed to the impressive 500% month-on-month growth in online sales.

Cost Savings and Resource Optimization – KlearNow.AI contributed to cost savings associated with reduced manual labor and potential fines due to compliance errors. The platform allowed The Popcorn Company to optimize resources, especially during a period of increased production demands and the need to rationalize product lines.

“KlearNow have been incredibly patient and helpful with guiding us through the new customs paperwork and requirements needed in order for us to continue to export. The Brexit transition has been stressful for our business but KlearNow.AI have really helped.” Laura Jackson, Director of The Popcorn Company

The Popcorn Company’s journey through the challenges of Brexit and the pandemic highlights the resilience and adaptability of small businesses. KlearNow.AI’s support has been instrumental in overcoming the hurdles of customs and documentation, ensuring the company’s continued success in the EU market. As they look to Brexit-proof their business, The Popcorn Company remains optimistic about the future, recognizing the strength of community support for independent businesses both in the UK and abroad.

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