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KlearNow provides robust solution to accelerate Customs Clearance procedures

Company Introduction

The UK Food Ingredients Company, headquartered in Shipston on Stour, Warwickshire, specializes in importing ethically sound, high-quality ingredients. Led by Managing Director James B., the company focuses on distributing to the UK’s significant food and drink manufacturing sector. Their business model prioritizes a robust quality assurance framework for regulatory compliance and embraces an innovative approach to business development.

Engaging in international trade, the company imports and exports to key locations, including the Netherlands, Germany, France, Malaysia, the US, and Thailand.


Post-Brexit, the company encountered challenges adapting to new trading regimes, particularly with European partners. Navigating the complexities introduced by Brexit resulted in delays in customs clearance, impacting operational efficiency.

KlearNow.AI Solution

In response to the challenges posed by Brexit, KlearNow.AI implemented customized technological solutions. These solutions were crafted to meet the specific needs of the UK Food Ingredients Company, with a primary focus on streamlining the customs clearance process. The objective was to minimize delays, enhance operational efficiency, and ensure compliance with the evolving post-Brexit trade landscape.

Accelerated Customs Clearance: KlearNow’s solution significantly reduced the time required for customs clearance, leading to faster and more efficient trade transactions.

Operational Efficiency: Streamlining the customs clearance process enhanced overall operational efficiency, allowing the company to meet customer demands more promptly.

Regulatory Compliance: The tailored technological solutions ensured compliance with the evolving post-Brexit trade regulations, reducing the risk of non-compliance issues.

Adaptability: The clear and efficient onboarding process facilitated quick adaptation to the new challenges presented by Brexit, enabling the company to navigate changes seamlessly.

“KlearNow has provided us with a robust solution to accelerate customs clearance procedures. Their support team and customer onboarding process were friendly, efficient, and clearly set out, allowing our team to adapt to the new challenges presented in 2021.” – James B., the Managing Director

The collaboration with KlearNow.AI proved instrumental in transforming the customs clearance process for the UK Food Ingredients Company. By addressing the challenges posed by Brexit through tailored technological solutions, KlearNow.AI not only facilitated faster customs clearance but also contributed to improved operational efficiency and regulatory compliance. The positive collaboration experience, as highlighted by the Managing Director’s quotes, underscores the success of the partnership in navigating the complexities of the post-Brexit trade landscape.

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