KlearNow provides US importer with a robust visibility and customs solution to accelerate US customs clearance procedures

Company Introduction

The client, a prominent US-based importer specializing in high-quality bathroom and kitchen products, has been in operation since 2006. With a reputation for delivering premium products to major retailers like Home Depot, Walmart, and Lowe’s, the company operates from a 250,000 square foot distribution facility in Southern California.


Prior to adopting KlearNow.AI, the company faced challenges in its logistics and customs clearance processes. Relying on a traditional Freight Forwarder, the lack of visibility, disorganized document management, and unexpected additional charges were significant pain points. The team spent hours manually tracking shipments, leading to inefficiencies and unpredictable costs.

KlearNow.AI Solution

KlearNow.AI provided a comprehensive solution to the client’s challenges. The platform introduced a fixed pricing model, eliminating the uncertainty of additional charges. It streamlined communication, reducing the time spent chasing shipments. The platform’s document management tool significantly improved the organization of records, allowing easy retrieval of essential documents at any time.

Cost Savings – The fixed pricing model offered by KlearNow.AI provided a clear and predictable cost structure, eliminating surprise charges.

Efficiency – The platform’s advanced features, including real-time tracking and document retrieval, saved significant time for the operations team.

“[We] save 2 hours a day not having to chase containers, having our distribution center now know when goods are coming, and we can now plan ahead with the data served up on the platform.”

Data Management – KlearNow.AI’s document management tool ensured organized storage of essential documents, enhancing overall data management.

Customer Support – The platform’s superior customer support contributed to a smoother transition and ongoing positive experience.

“We do about 300 entries a year, so the benefits of KlearNow.AI among many, is having customer success team giving strategies in our business processes, help us with the research of correct HS codes that impact our bottom lines, and we can see where the goods are at all times when on the water. All in all, I would say we are seeing 30% saving per entry plus all the bonus features additionally to an entry.”

The implementation of KlearNow.AI brought about substantial improvements in the company’s import logistics. The fixed pricing, advanced features, and efficient communication not only saved costs but also enhanced overall operational efficiency. The client successfully navigated challenges during the pandemic, particularly in dealing with demurrage charges, ensuring timely deliveries and maintaining customer satisfaction. With measurable benefits such as cost savings and time efficiency, the client highly recommends KlearNow.AI to others in the import business.

“Give it a go, it is something that I didn’t know before that I now know it exists and I couldn’t see myself living without it. Especially if you don’t have an in-house team monitoring this for E-commerce based companies, this is a perfect solution.” – Victor, Director of Ops

The client has already recommended KlearNow.AI to peers in the import business, emphasizing the platform’s value in optimizing logistics processes and ensuring a seamless import experience.

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