KlearNow Case Study - Clearing your logistics


Giving your logistics program the Customs360 view

Company Introduction/Challenge

This company is a global manufacturer of monolithic and pre-cast refractory ceramics. They import various materials from all over the globe- from China, Brazil, Peru, Germany, Denmark, and India into the United States to produce re-fractured ceramic products. Before KlearNow.AI, this company dealt with several brokers and freight forwards on countless platforms. It became increasingly cumbersome to manage all their key players within their supply chain. From tracking shipments to ensuring they remained compliant, their previous processes were decentralized, and they needed a solution that could give them one platform to do it all.

“We’ve had issues in the past of customs compliance and so we needed a partner that helped us close that gap a bit as well […] KlearNow.AI provided us a single home base for visibility and helped us stay compliant.”

KlearNow.AI Solution

Customs360 The Customs360 platform is our full-service model. Fueled by our AI/ML-powered engine, we digitize paperbased transactions enabling KlearNow.AI US partner customs brokers & transporters to deliver visibility . We help customers manage their brokers, mitigate risk and scale their business with our 360 view.

Manage your brokers

This customer used several brokers, which led them to manage all their shipments via multiple platforms and spreadsheets. With KlearNow.AI, they were able to have a single source of truth for all their shipments. After piloting the platform, they started to transition all their brokerage business to KlearNow.AI.

Stay compliant

With high volumes of shipments every year, this customer was looking for a solution to organize the chaos. They did not have a solution in place to view all their incoming shipments and a big concern for them was managing risk.

Get a 360 View.

With KlearNow.AI, this customer was able to gain true visibility across all the key players within their supply chain. On our platform, this customer was able to house all their shipping documents in once place, track their shipments and check for compliance issues.

“The concern was there was no single place to go look at what we had coming on the import side. It led to gaps in visibility, it led to risk and compliance [issues] because on any given shipment, we’d ask ourselves, “who was our broker?”, “who was our forwarder?” We just didn’t know.”

Scale your Business

KlearNow.AI acts as an extension of the team, without having to add headcount, we take care of the duties and payments for customs.

“[KlearNow.AI] was the perfect solution of what we are looking for. I don’t have to staff 10 people in logistics that spend time managing shipments.”

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