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Digitizing the Customs Clearance Process

Company Introduction/Challenge

This Aerospace company is a large importer of airplane parts, producing seats, walls, windows, full laboratories and galleys to parts to major airlines, OEMs and tier one and two companies. Prior to KlearNow, this company did not have a standard operating procedure and dealt with multiple brokers to handle their large volumes of shipments. They needed a solution to manage their brokers, a consolidated view of all their documents and create a robust compliance program. Importing high volumes of goods can cause errors and inefficiencies through dated processes. Searching for shipping documents and following up on shipment statuses by sifting through emails, and phone calls is inefficient and takes time away from growing the business. Lack of transparency through all the key players in the supply chain can cause compliance issues, over payment in duties and staff inefficiencies.

KlearNow.AI Solution – Customs360

Unlock efficiencies across your business. Visibility is more than knowing where your cargo is…it’s about having the means to address the exceptions. We help you deliver real results!

Broker Management

Paired with full brokerage service enabled by KlearNow.AI facilitated through partner brokers, this company was able to consolidate the number of brokers they used, improving transparency and communication across the department.

Real-time communication

Through our platform, this company was able to identify issues and errors with their shipments to take proactive measures to keep their goods moving, avoiding delays and extra costs.

“[KlearNow.AI team] are very responsive and that’s super important when it comes to a Broker relationship, making sure that we’ve got that transparency that the right questions are asked that they’re catching things. Sometimes we don’t catch it and they do.”

Mitigate Risks

With our hybrid model of AI and human verification of document ingestion, this company was able to accurately classify and take corrective action for their imports which in turn helped save money in duties.

“We’re on customs radar and as a larger importer and in this enforcement climate, it’s super important for us to have a really robust program and standard operating procedure with our brokers.”

Comprehensive Reporting and Analytics

With the Klearview dashboard, this company was able to pull custom reports without having to spend ours pulling data from spreadsheets and emails.

“The portal has been really helpful. All of the documents are at my fingertips. It’s super intuitive. So I don’t need an instruction manual to figure out how to use the portal. I can usually figure it out just by a couple of clicks.”

Scale the Business

KlearNow.AI acts as an extension of the team, without having to add headcount, we take care of the duties and payments for customs.

“[Klearnow.AI] takes care of the duties and payments for customs, I’m not having to add another full-time person in my accounting department for that because I just really can’t see them being able to manage customs network for payments and managing everything else.”


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