Fuel your visibility with the KlearNow Customs Engine

Company Introduction

This company is a world-leading group, specializing in butt-welding fittings and piping. They are a large importer of steel and carbon into the United States, with most steel imports coming from China and India and carbon fittings imported from various parts of Europe.


With 500-1000 containers a month, having a robust platform to track all their incoming shipments was key to implementing a third-party solution.

Importing high volumes of goods can cause errors and inefficiencies through manual processes. Searching for shipping documents and following up on shipment statuses by sifting through emails, and phone calls is inefficient and can take time away from growing the business.

Lack of transparency throughout all the key players in the supply chain had caused compliance issues, over payment in duties and staff inefficiencies.


KlearNow’s Customs Engine product on its AI/MLpowered platform eases supply chain bottlenecks by digitizing paper-based transactions & enabling customers to self-file through our customs system.

Visibility and Transparency

Prior to KlearNow, this customer used to sift through thousands of emails and their ERP system to track shipments and manage all their shipping documents. With their in-house broker, they needed a platform to provide true visibility across the board.

Demurrage Management

With KlearNow’s Custom’s Engine, this customer was able to save on demurrage fees with live shipment updates and intra port- visibility. “Right now, what we’ve seen is the savings on the demurrage charges, specifically getting containers way ahead of the time. So because of that efficiency, we have seen savings, we have dropped dramatically on the demurrage charges.”

Plan Ahead

With our engine, this customer was able to plan for shipments and manage exceptions. The KlearNow.AI Customs Engine provides accuracy with advanced customs and freight status visibility.

“Now I have visibility. One of the main goals to be able to jump into the platform and one have visibility but two, eliminating all these crazy excel sheets that we were running.”

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