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Direct link to custom authorities paired with full brokerage service enabled by KlearNow.AI facilitated through partner brokers or our Brokers in some Geo’s. Gain instant customs clearance status, events, and exceptions. 

  • AI & ML – driven data entry for customs clearance speed & accuracy in 5 countries
  • Consolidated view of customs activities, tracking, reports, compliant document storage & multi-leg shipments
  • Enable your customers to schedule dray pick up & monitor fees with our per-diem & demurrage clock
  • Real-time communication with your customs broker

Simplicity in action, our Drayage platform creates unified drayage operations connecting you to partner carriers across the market. Let us worry about your delivery and bring it to you seamlessly.

  • Dynamic user dashboard with proactive operational capabilities to reduce down-time 
  • Complete final mile tracking, with real-time updates & connectivity to your shipment
  • Streamline container tracking with integrated AI & ML process’ to aggregate data in one place
  • Ease Dray/Container allocation’s with KlearNow’s procurement & marketplace tools

Simplifies & automates complex, labor-intensive, error-prone, and time-consuming customs brokerage processes with AI. Future proof your business. Handle any volume of shipments for clearance with ease.

  • AI & ML – driven data entry for customs clearance speed & accuracy in 5 countries. KlearNow.AI Engine, your broker
  • Enhanced customer experience allowing access to tracking, critical trade information, alerts & reports
  • Give your customers live shipment updates they can trust via the platform
  • Enable your customers to schedule dray pick up & monitor fees with our per-diem & demurrage clock 

Automate data ingestion leveraging proprietary AI & ML platform for higher accuracy and speed eliminating the need for manual data entry. Unleashing your growth potential.

  • AI & ML – data driven ingestion for speed, accuracy & insights
  • Convert your unstructured data to structured data in your format
  • Leverage high accuracy data for logistics business workflows including customs entry worldwide
  • Improve team efficiency and employee satisfaction 

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Dynamic, mapped port-to-port visibility.

Ease of use

A copied email or data transfer starts the process automatically.

Document Management

Essential digitised documents automatically saved on platform for easy retrieval for compliance or audits.  

Customs Transparency

See actual comments and replies from CBP for faster issue resolution.  

Entirely web-based

No software downloads or IT integrations required, but API and EDI available as needed. Ready out of the box solution.

KlearView dashboard

Consolidated view of all import data that matters to customers.

Demurrage counter

Prioritise loads to pick up and eliminate demurrage & per-diem charges.    

Drayage management

Platform built to further relieve demurrage and equipment issues at the port. 


Custom reports delivered per customer data & frequency specifications.

Flat fee pricing structure

Entries charged at the same rate, no matter the complexity.


Know more. Trade better.

Count on us to keep you informed. Useful guides. Instructive webinars. The latest advice and predictions from our senior team. Updated and free. 


Prior to KlearNow.AI it took the team 15 to 30 minutes per shipment on average and now with KlearNow.AI we just review a couple of minutes and done. We eliminate errors, data entry and stress to our day.

Head of Customs GDAR, a Tudefrigo Company

KlearNow provides us with great clearance and visibility for both our own imports and those of our customers. They are critical to the success of our team.

Director, Global Forwarding

I would recommend KlearNow.AI as it's fast, easy-to-use and the support is second-to-none. The online portal/cloud is great and an easy place to store everything and for our company to stay compliant. I'm a big fan. I just wish haulers would help me more!

Export Area Manager and Supplier Logistics, Automotive Company

From an initial contact and presentation of their systems and understanding their proven record in the US/Canada. I was clear that KlearNow.AI could step up to the challenge of BREXIT. KlearNow.AI and the systems they have developed are proving invaluable to our company.

The speed in which accurate declarations are submitted and approved in most instances are down to minutes. This is a process that if brought in-house would have significantly impacted on our staffing levels and would have inevitably created delays and inaccuracies.

The communication and response time is exceptional and in truth I admire how they make this possible in a startup position in the UK, however I suspect that the caliber of people, having recruited some of the best customs specialist across the UK, has played a big part in this.

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Managing Director, Aftermarket Manufacturer UK

It would be fair to say that without the support of KlearNow.AI and their platform I have no idea how I would managed to keep my imports rolling on time. The platform is user friendly, and I especially like to be able to download the C88 documents as I like to give my hauler a hard copy.

Managing Director, Trade Services

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