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Smart Logistics as a Service: Visibility, Technology, and Customs Clearance

“Supply chain simplicity” sounds like a utopia, doesn’t it? And, like a utopia, it sounds out of reach in 2022.

But supply chain simplicity is already here. Smart logistics as a service, or Smart LaaS, can ease your supply chain struggles, and it can start today.

Simplicity and visibility

Visibility” is a buzzword in the logistics community, but not all visibility is created equal. Maybe you know your shipment has arrived, but you don’t know when it will be ready for pickup. Or maybe your customers want to know exactly when to expect a delivery, but your “visibility” only provides rough estimates.

True visibility is next-generation, real-time knowledge delivered with transparency, precision, and simplicity. Next-generation visibility is knowing exactly where your shipments are in real time and knowing everyone who needs access to that data already has it.

This level of precision and access comes with extraordinary benefits, including:

  • Cost savings. With the right technology and transparency at every stage of the supply chain, companies can save up to 80% in costs.
  • Operational efficiency. You shouldn’t pay to wait around. Next-generation visibility cuts down on wasted time and demurrage fees, speeds up shipping and customs entry, and improves communication and customer happiness.
  • Reduced risk. You should know exactly what risks your shipments might encounter along the way and get real-time updates, so you can prevent them or mitigate the impact.

Each of these benefits simplifies and streamlines your shipping process and puts the power in your hands.

Leveraging AI and cloud-based technology

This level of simplicity is possible with an AI-enhanced Smart LaaS platform that prioritizes an easy, user-friendly experience.

Smart LaaS technology cuts through the chaos of the current global supply chain, disrupts the status quo, and leverages the power of a connected world to remake logistics.

A Smart LaaS platform makes your life easier because:

  • AI-powered automation doesn’t make mistakes.
  • Cloud-based, streamlined processes put everyone on the same page at the same time.
  • Digitized transactions unify all your documentation.
  • Real-time, precision tracking and communication.

If you’re considering a logistics platform, look for solutions leveraging next-generation technology, including AI, real-time tracking, enhanced communication, and data-driven problem solving.

The future of logistics must be data-driven, digital, and sustainable — and a Smart LaaS platform makes it all possible.

Revolutionizing customs clearance

Even with the promise of advanced technology, most logistics pros are probably thinking about one thing: customs clearance. What can you do within your own company to address the behemoth that is global customs clearance?

Customs involves a lot of outdated, inefficient, complex, manual processes that require deep expertise. Meanwhile, shipping companies are left scrambling for solutions when the customs process throws up uncontrollable obstacles. In short, customs clearance is a frequent choke point for import and export activity.

And supply chain simplicity would be an empty promise without support for more efficient customs clearance. A Smart LaaS platform, developed with an AI engine that uses smart document classification, visual deep learning, and natural language processing simplifies customs entry, improves accuracy, and exponentially increases efficiency.

In fact, with the right Smart LaaS platform, companies can save 50% to 80% in time and/or money through:

  • AI-enabled data entry to increase speed and correct errors.
  • Automated data transfer to customs authorities.
  • Centralized, connected views of multi-leg shipments regardless of carrier.
  • Elimination of fees with a demurrage clock.
  • Real-time alerts to help avoid delays and resulting fees.

With the right technology powering your logistics, you can complete customs entry in minutes instead of hours.

Supply chain simplicity is here now. An AI-empowered, cloud-based logistics platform allows you to see state-of-the-art technology revolutionizing the supply chain from end to end. KlearNow’s Smart LaaS platform puts every part of the logistics journey into the palm of your hand.

Smart LaaS disrupts the status quo with groundbreaking simplicity, true visibility, advanced technology, and streamlined customs clearance. Learn more at

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