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Know the Where, When, and WHAT to do to keep your customers goods moving. 

Save time & money, clear customs swiftly optimising your workforce by digitizing documents keeping compliant data ready for a perfected customer experience.

Take control of the customs and drayage processes with information your customers or your team can act on in real-time.  



Single Data Source



Digital Compliant Data Sharing


50-80% Savings in

Time &



Digital Transformation and Technology Adoption

The freight forwarding industry has traditionally been slow to adopt digital technologies. However, there is an increasing need for freight forwarders to embrace technology solutions that can streamline processes, enhance visibility, and improve operational efficiency. The challenge lies in selecting and implementing the right technology platforms and ensuring smooth integration with existing systems.

Data Management and Security

Freight forwarders handle a vast amount of sensitive data, including shipping documents, customs paperwork, and customer information. Ensuring the security, privacy, and integrity of this data is crucial, and freight forwarders must implement robust data management practices and cybersecurity measures to mitigate the risk of data breaches or unauthorized access.

Supply Chain Visibility and Transparency

Customers increasingly expect real-time visibility into their shipments and transparency throughout the supply chain. Freight forwarders face challenges in providing accurate and up-to-date information about the status, location, and estimated arrival times of shipments. Integrating with carriers, leveraging data-sharing platforms, and implementing track-and-trace technologies can help address this challenge.

Operational Efficiency and Cost Management

Freight forwarders need to balance operational efficiency while managing costs effectively. Optimizing freight consolidation, finding cost-effective transportation solutions, and negotiating favorable rates with carriers are ongoing challenges. Additionally, rising fuel costs, capacity constraints, and fluctuating market conditions add complexity to cost management efforts.

Sustainability and Environmental Impact

Environmental sustainability is increasingly important in the freight forwarding industry. Freight forwarders face the challenge of reducing carbon emissions, promoting sustainable transportation options, and implementing eco-friendly practices while ensuring the smooth flow of goods.

Customer Expectations and Service Differentiation

Customers’ expectations continue to evolve, with a growing demand for personalized services, faster delivery times, and seamless end-to-end logistics solutions. Freight forwarders face the challenge of meeting these expectations while differentiating themselves from competitors and delivering high-quality customer experiences.

Disruption and Resilience

The freight forwarding industry is susceptible to various disruptions, such as natural disasters, geopolitical events, trade disputes, or unexpected changes in regulations. Building resilience, developing contingency plans, and implementing risk mitigation strategies are vital to ensure continuity of operations and maintain customer satisfaction. Talking first person – review for NLP, match challenges to universal truths

Regulatory Compliance

Freight forwarders must navigate numerous international trade regulations, customs requirements, and compliance obligations. Ensuring adherence to these regulations and staying updated with the latest changes can be complex, particularly in the context of customs documentation, import/export restrictions, and trade sanctions.

Our smart LaaS products. KlearNow’s Customs360 product on its AI/ML-powered platform ease supply chain bottlenecks by digitizing paper-based transactions and enabling KlearNow.AI Partner customs brokers and transporters to deliver superior real-time visibility needs of importers, exporters, and freight forwarders.

KlearNow’s Customs Engine product on its AI/ML-powered platform ease supply chain bottlenecks by digitizing paper-based transactions and enabling customs brokers or self-filers and transporters to deliver superior real-time visibility needs of importers, exporters, and freight forwarders.

  • Earn 30-50% more with jobs brought to you
  • Real-time tracking alerts you to potential errors
  • Gain efficiencies, time savings & real-time tracking alerts
  • Our engine, your customers data and your broker 
  • Provide unparalleled visibility to your teams & customers in one simple dashboard
  • Intelligent document management lets you access critical documents by shipment. No more filling cabinets or searching emails to find what you need
  • Real-time communication with your customers anytime, anywhere
  • Our AI/ML-powered driven engine identifies mistakes and extracts the right data from critical key documents
  • Proactive data sharing provides visibility for parties to act when changes occur to make necessary revisions and file customs
  • Compliance driven entries aided by our AI/ML-powered ingestion patented engine
  • Transaction based model with no hidden pricing and zero IT integration
  • Clear customs without typing
  • Increase teams efficiency with the help our platform


As a Freight Forwarder you are facing significant challenges in the current global climate to compete against other forwarder to stand out in a crowded space. Covid disruptions continue, with higher shipping costs, fees lacking transparency, expensive workforce and unfavourable exchange rates eating into your margins.  

Therefore, to survive and thrive in this economy, you need reliable ways to lower your costs, while improving your container visibility and ability to manage pickups deliveries. KlearNow.AI is here to help. 


10x increase in
process efficiency


Achieved 8x in time won back


How does KlearNow.AI positively impact my business? 

With KlearNow.AI as a partner, you will obtain compliance, see reduction of errors, be able to use and offer the latest technology and on top, we give you a competitive advantage in the marketplace to compete against other Freight Forwarders in the country. Why create your own technology when you can offer ours to your customers at no cost? 

How do I get onboarded? 

Refer to contact us portion of the website or request free demo for the team to get in touch on how to proceed to get signed up and started. Decide if Customs 360 or CaaS model is the best option for your business. Once price is agreed, you will receive an onboarding form with necessary checklist to complete and terms to sign via DocuSign alongside an onboarding call with our Customer Success Team to ensure a smooth onboarding takes place. Once all is completed you can consider yourself onboarded and ready for your first shipment using your unique KX email ID or other sending details if using EDI or API. 

How are we different from a Freight Forwarder? 

We are not a Freight Forwarder. We are a technology company, that connects Importers, Customs Brokers and Freight Forwarders with Customs, providing ease of customs clearance and full transparency of the logistics process. 

What is the overall value KlearNow.AI brings vs a broker partner? 

  • State of the art technology, driving speed, software + technology. 
  • Expert broker partners to drive compliance and proactively give support to you and your business. 

What access do I get as a Freight Forwarder to my customers? 

  • Centralized live track and trace for all your customers and shipments. 
  • You can also search by individual customer and individual shipments as needed. 

Is there any software cost, integration or any other expenses incurred? 

No, we are a strictly transaction or subscription-based platform depending on product set, charge a flat fee per entry and no integration needed. For your digital integration convenience, we provide API interfaces. 

Is there a white label solution available? 

Yes, KlearNow.AI can provide a white label solution of our technology. 

How is your technology different from standard OCR? 

We leverage AI to convert pds’s, documents, images and any other type of documents to binary assets which are leveraged to automate today’s manual process. 

Customs 360 vs CaaS what is the difference? 

CaaS is the progression of KlearNow.AI Customs 360 full-service model to push deeper into full software suite (Software as a Service) supporting; Customer/Party Onboarding, Document Management & Digitalization (AI/ML), Customs Transaction filing, Track & Trace, Data Analytics, Financial Management, and Drayage.  The focus of CaaS allows a customs broker or a self-importer to bring on ‘their’ customers and associated business lines onto the KlearNow.AI software framework.  With CaaS you do the work and with Customs 360 KlearNow.AI does everything for you. 

Do you offer training and/or training guide for using your platform? 

Yes, we offer onboarding methods either through our portal, videos and with our Customer Success Team that will also share a starter guide with tips on best usage of the platform. 

How long are documents stored on your platform? 

This depends on the requirements of the country of import or export, and we follow compliance needs unless something else is pre-discussed. Varies between 5-7 years depending on GEO requirements. 

How are you different than any other software out there? 

KlearNow is a data-driven artificial intelligence, machine learning, data reuse, and intelligent process management company replacing the data entry, linear customs brokerage, drayage, and visibility model. We allow your business to stay up to date with latest technology, staying competitive and allowing you to scale without having to employ more people avoiding manual data entry and eliminating customer service level enquires replacing this with platform real-time visibility. We are a smart LaaS platform that can service all stakeholders by using data as our base to better service customers compliantly and effectively. 

**Refer to FAQs section under Customs 360, CaaS or Drayage product to get more specific answers relating to the products offered and how it can work for you. 

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