Drayage360 is a digital platform to book, track, and manage the transportation of containers from port to warehouse, simplifying your logistics management and reducing the need for multiple systems or processes. We offer a drayage marketplace with over 500+ vetted carriers across the US. 

Drayage360 works in concert with Customs360 our full-service digital customs broker or our Customs Engine, an AI/ML-powered digital software for customs clearance managed by you or your brokers. 

Combined, Drayage360 and Customs360/Customs Engine provide end-to-end visibility from origin to destination including terminal-level, drayage, and rail visibility, along with integration with customs.  

By having access to live ETA’s 3 weeks on average prior to port arrival and near-real-time customs release data, Drayage360 provides an integrated container pickup and delivery process. 

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Digital marketplace to procure drayage 

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Access to near real-time visibility on all your dray movements

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Centralized document management with access to digital documents -BLs, POD’s, DO’s, invoices all accessible from a single platform 


In a single platform the KlearNow.AI team manages procurement, tracking, invoicing, and drayage providing IORs, EORs, Freight Forwarders and Customs brokers transparency in last-mile visibility.

Simplify and Optimize your drayage planning with unparalleled visibility by Drayage360 

Drayage360 offers a marketplace that allows access to new spot loads & contracted jobs from importers connected to KlearNow.AI.  Assign jobs to truckers, view job status, Proof of Delivery (POD), and invoices, all on a single platform! 


Be the earliest bidder to the dray jobs available at the marketplace 


Better capacity planning and reducing empty miles with access to container information weeks in advance 


Access to accurate container tracking status, terminal, customs release, and gate-in, gate-out, and delivery milestones 

Join the KlearNow DRAYAGE network and grow your business.

Track & Trace 

  • Visibility to milestones on port/terminal and container status, customs clearance status, and drayage journey on a single platform 
  • Access to live ETA’s 3 weeks on average prior to port arrival and near-real-time customs release data

Document Management  

  • Digitize, manage and retain documents like BOL’s, DO’s, POD’s for easy search. 
  • Digital signature for documents like acceptance of delivery  


  • Smart mobile app for truckers to access jobs in a few clicks.  
  • Access accurate data for pick-up and drop-off locations and arrival times.  
  • Scan and upload proof of delivery documents using your smartphone.  
  • Get paid quickly with accurate documentation. 

Drayage Marketplace

  • Access the dray jobs and easily bid for them on the platform 

In-Platform Billing & Invoicing 

  • View all your invoices directly on the platform including the accessorial charges. 

Download the KlearDray App

We know there are many drayage apps out there, but only KlearDray connects a marketplace of dray providers, provides upstream container arrival information, and connects directly to CBP for customs hold status. Get near real time confirmation of carrier, terminal, and customs release information.


How do I get onboarded? 

Drayage Vendor onboarding is a quick online process via a shared link from a KlearNow.AI procurement specialist

How does it work from a drayage provider vs a drayage customer? 

Drayage Customer Onboarding is managed by a KlearNow.AI Sales Rep

Can your system receive data in any format? 

The KlearNow.AI system can receive any format of data, we generally prefer utilizing our proprietary ingestion method.

What are your reporting capabilities? 

We have full reporting capabilities through the Klearview Dashboard. Klearview has full analytics with export functionality.

Can you export data and or reports? 

We have full reporting capabilities through the Klearview Dashboard. Klearview has full analytics with export functionality.

How I can find or follow my shipment instructions 

You can log in via secure link or through the KlearNow.AI website

Where do I log in? 

If there is an issue, who do I contact? 

We have a US based drayage customer support team, please connect via email or phone. Email is drayage@klearnow.com We are still working on getting a phone system.

What key information is needed to get going 

Key information for setup to place drayage freight on marketplace is same as setting up for customs with KN

How do you invoice? 

Drayage vendor creates their invoice on our platform, drayage customer pays invoice via on platform or by traditional invoice method

How do I get paid? 

Drayage vendors are paid ACH once invoice is submitted on the KN drayage platform


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Prior to KlearNow.AI it took the team 15 to 30 minutes per shipment on average and now with KlearNow.AI we just review a couple of minutes and done. We eliminate errors, data entry and stress to our day.

Head of Customs GDAR, a Tudefrigo Company

KlearNow provides us with great clearance and visibility for both our own imports and those of our customers. They are critical to the success of our team.

Director, Global Forwarding

I would recommend KlearNow.AI as it's fast, easy-to-use and the support is second-to-none. The online portal/cloud is great and an easy place to store everything and for our company to stay compliant. I'm a big fan. I just wish haulers would help me more!

Export Area Manager and Supplier Logistics, Automotive Company

From an initial contact and presentation of their systems and understanding their proven record in the US/Canada. I was clear that KlearNow.AI could step up to the challenge of BREXIT. KlearNow.AI and the systems they have developed are proving invaluable to our company.

The speed in which accurate declarations are submitted and approved in most instances are down to minutes. This is a process that if brought in-house would have significantly impacted on our staffing levels and would have inevitably created delays and inaccuracies.

The communication and response time is exceptional and in truth I admire how they make this possible in a startup position in the UK, however I suspect that the caliber of people, having recruited some of the best customs specialist across the UK, has played a big part in this.

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Managing Director, Aftermarket Manufacturer UK

It would be fair to say that without the support of KlearNow.AI and their platform I have no idea how I would managed to keep my imports rolling on time. The platform is user friendly, and I especially like to be able to download the C88 documents as I like to give my hauler a hard copy.

Managing Director, Trade Services

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