Customs Brokerage Industry due for Digital Transformation?

In the midst of the unprecedented COVID-19 crisis, the global economy is undergoing a long-term transformation. Industries are adapting to new demands, and digital transformation is now a necessity, not an option. KlearNow.AI helps you streamline customs brokerage with our free digital platform, simplifying customs clearance, ensuring import visibility, and saving you time and money.

For business in the shipping and freight industries, it has been incredibly difficult to navigate the supply and demand side needs of their clients. We are observing industries experiencing mass increases in demand who are struggling with finding matching capacity and product to meet the surge. Air cargo right now is incredibly constrained with much of the capacity being cancelled as companies are limiting long-haul flights, putting remaining capacity at a premium.

Right now, the biggest culture shift and transformation we are collectively witnessing is how well the industry is utilizing technology and digital solutions to smartly adapt to this unprecedented situation.

Those that have left digital transformation on the back burner are scrambling today. On top, customs administrations and other government departments may start to request health or quarantine certificates for the products that has never previously required this type of documentation. In some bulkier cargoes, health, sanitary, fumigation and phytosanitary certificates may be required to necessary shipment documents moving forward adding steps to the process.

The current situation is putting an increased pressure on the entire logistics industry to modernize their practices to ensure competitiveness during this momentary and unforeseen disruption in the market.

Becoming digital is no longer a choice, it’s a necessity.

Customs brokers in particular are experiencing a race towards their own digital transformation and how to harness the efficiencies and transparency it offers to better cater to their customers’ needs. When global commerce re-emerges, there will be explosive and immediate demand for customs brokerage services. Those that have digital tools, will be in a better position to service this rapid inflow of demand.

With this in mind, having the right tools and technology solutions is key. KlearNow.AI can help:

  • Our web-based customs clearance and document management platform is applicable to all shipments regardless of carrier/forwarder and can be accessed from any smartphone, computer or tablet anytime and from anywhere.
  • For those that find themselves transitioning to alternative shelter in place arrangements, our digital solutionfacilitates customs clearance processing remotely, quickly and with little notice. There is no longer a need to physically access paper files or forms.
  • Our platform matches new customers to customs brokers to help grow your business.
  • There is zero cost to custom brokers to access and use the platform. We also facilitate collections from importers as a passive intermediary, so you don’t have to.
  • We provide full visibility of all your customers imports, allowing them to maintain the control of their shipments instead of relying on a third party and without having to call the broker, providing unbeatable customer experience.
  • Our platform results in a minimum 30% cost savings for importers.

Let us help you navigate the present with a simple, digital, no cost platform that will save you much needed time and money today. Contact us today!

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