Automate your IMPORT clearances to the UK!

In the ever-evolving realm of imports from Spain or the EU into the United Kingdom, efficiency and accuracy are golden tickets to success. Picture this: your company’s goods sailing through customs clearance faster than you can say “digital customs declaration.” Sounds too good to be true? Not with KlearNow’s cutting-edge solution at your fingertips.  





Current challenges for IMPORTERS

So, what’s the deal with current import customs clearance procedures? Well, many importers to the UK are tied up in a manual maze of customs brokers and complicated, convoluted processes. It’s like navigating a chaotic labyrinth filled with paperwork, long email chains, a myriad of stakeholders and precious time always slipping away. Boredom and errors sneak in, misunderstandings occur, and let’s not even talk about the multitude of interactions required. Frustrating? You bet. 

Embrace the future: KlearNow’s AI-driven revolution 

Enter KlearNow.AI, the game-changer that puts an end to your customs clearance woes. Wave goodbye to the cumbersome customs broker routine and welcome a new era of efficiency. KlearNow’s AI-driven platform acts as a digital magic wand, automating mundane tasks, embracing collaboration, and digitizing the entire customs clearance process. 


Your digital customs broker with end-to-end transparency and collaboration

For those who have outsourced their import customs procedures, meet CUSTOMS360. This AI/ML-powered marvel brings end-to-end transparency and collaboration to the table. With Customs360 searching through emails and juggling multiple systems, not to mention multiple brokers and stakeholders to track your shipments, well, is history. Customs360 is a cloud-based platform that orchestrates trade document management, automated workflows, shipment tracking, customs filing, and more. 

And the cherry on top? Actionable insights and customizable reports are just a search away, thanks to the platform’s natural language search feature. Plus, if your journey extends beyond customs, rejoice – Customs360 even offers several other services. 

Mastering customs clarity within your own customs team

For those with their own customs teams or those working with multiple customs brokers, our CUSTOMS ENGINE is a beacon of light. This AI/ML-powered software simplifies the complexity of customs clearance through automation. Trade documents are transformed into meaningful data, streamlining validation and pre-populating customs filing documents.

Consolidating data from multiple brokers into one single platform is as easy as CCing us into your email chain and bam, global visibility of all your shipments and customs statuses.

Reporting on any data element contained within all those documents is also now a reality. Imagine asking for your landed costs by sku, our AI-powered superhero can work that out in an instant.  

The symphony of simplification: KlearNow’s customs process

Let’s take a peek behind the curtain at KlearNow’s customs clearance symphony. 

  • Broker receives order: Orders flow in through KlearNow’s online platform. AI software kicks into gear, meticulously analyzing emails and documents. 
  • Data validation: AI presents data, and a clerk reviews it for accuracy. Documents are automatically stored for your peace of mind. 
  • Import Customs declaration: With a simple click, followed by data verification, the clerk transmits entries to customs. Confirmation arrives swiftly, notifying customers and planners alike. 
  • Compliance: The final touch – all documents are securely stored in the cloud for 5-7 years. 

And to top it off: 

A dashboard and reporting tools are natural language-based and available to each customer for insightful decision-making. What does that mean, type in “show me all my shipments that are late” and boom, it appears.

A new dawn for Spain/EU-to-UK imports 

If imports to the UK are part of your business, time is the currency and accuracy is king. KlearNow’s AI-driven customs clearance solutions stand as your trusty sidekick. No more laborious procedures, no more confusion – just streamlined processes that save time, ensure accuracy, and provide real-time insights. It’s a transformation that’s music to the ears of every company aiming to conquer customs clearance with flair. 

Are you ready to step into the future of customs clearance? KlearNow.AI is here to orchestrate your success. Join us today! 

Easy. Flexible. Empowering.

Talk to us about our import customs broker savings calculator to see the profits you can bring to your bottom line.

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