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KlearNow enables large Automotives part exporter to keep EU exports successfully going out Post-Brexit

Name of business: Large Automotive parts manufacurer
Contact: Carl S., MD
Location: Truck Parts Manufacturer Manchester, England
What they do/make: Truck and bus Mirrors / Arms / Lighting

Where they export or import to and from:

We have a Global distribution network with offices in Spain and the USA. Suppliers of materials come from both China and Taiwan.

What challenges Brexit caused them:

The main issue is in the long delays now being seen in the countries of destination as it becomes clear that many EU countries had not prepared for the volume of goods requiring onward clearance. This has in some cases added an additional 3 weeks in lead time from UK. In addition, it appears that EU forwarding agents are charging exorbitant fees for onward clearance to our customers.

How KlearNow has helped:

KlearNow and the systems they have developed are proving invaluable to the company. The speed in which accurate declarations are submitted and approved in most instances are down to minutes. This is a process that if brought inhouse would have significantly impacted on our staffing levels and would have inevitably created delays and inaccuracies.

Quote about our collaboration:

From an initial contact and presentation of their systems and understanding their proven record in the US / Canada, it was clear that KlearNow.AI could step up to the challenge of BREXIT. The communication and response times are exceptional and in truth I admire how they make this possible in a startup position in the UK, however I suspect that the caliber of people, having recruited some of the best customs specialists across the UK, has played a big part in this.

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