AI/ML Engineer

Location: India

Global supply chains are highly fragmented with documentation flows that are labor-intensive, siloed, mistake-ridden, and time-consuming. KlearNow saw an opportunity to simplify and automate using AI&ML technology.
Ditch the mundane, laborious, and error-prone manual customs document preparation and process.

KlearNow digitizes paper-based transactions, automates workflows, provides visibility, and transparency for your international shipments. We futurize supply chains with AI&ML-powered collaborative digital platforms for Customs Clearance, and Drayage.

Why us

KlearNow is an operational and certified Customs Business provider in the UK, US, Canada, Spain, and Netherlands with plans to grow in many more markets in the near future. Be a part of a rapidly growing company where you will have the opportunity to fast-track innovation behind AI-powered intelligent supply chain solutions.

Over and above the core customs clearance solution, KlearNow is also providing consolidated freight visibility, data, and document management.

Our mission is to transform global commerce with an AI-driven, shared-economy platform that makes logistics more simple, cost-effective and provides end-to-end visibility.

KlearNow has a flexibility of a small start up with the security of a well-funded organization with strong investors and advisors.

We are currently looking for an experienced AI/ML Engineer who is self-driven and result oriented, a team player and able to work across teams.


  • Develop innovative AI solutions for challenging business problems.
  • Looking for a Team Leader as well as individual contributor.
  • Discover data sources, get access to them, import them, clean them up, and make them “machine learning ready”.
  • Build backend systems that interact with other microservices.
  • Train and optimize machine learning models.
  • Engineer machine intelligence systems and infrastructure for real-world production use at scale.
  • Explore data features and manipulate data with SQL and scripts.
  • Familiarity with machine learning frameworks (like Keras or PyTorch) and libraries (like Scikit-learn)
  • Should be able to understand the problem statement and be able to justify the usage of AI/ML as a solution
  • Be able to quickly prototype and provide results


  • Strong coding experience in Python and working with related libraries (NumPy/Pandas/matplotlib).
  • Familiarity with machine learning frameworks (Keras/PyTorch/Tensorflow) and relevant libraries.
  • Excellent knowledge and good practical skills in major ML algorithms as applied to Natural Language Processing and Computer Vision.
  • Practical experience with deep learning projects is highly valued.
  • Ability to improve the accuracy, runtime, scalability and reliability of machine intelligence systems.
  • Strong in understanding underlying math and algorithms.

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